What To Do When There Is A Blood Spill?

Suicide & Homicide Clean up

It is difficult to think about what happened when you come across a blood spill. It is even more frightening if the person who got hurt was a loved one or a close friend. After an accident, it can be hard to deal with the aftermath and take care of all the necessary tasks that need to get done. 

Bloodstain cleanup from floors, walls, and carpets can be very challenging because it takes time and patience and special tools. For your home or office space to feel clean again after such an eventful experience, call in a professional biohazard cleanup company immediately so they can do their job correctly without causing any further harm.


DIY Is Not Recommended

Cleaning the blood spill on your own can quickly come to mind. After all, it’s just a little blood. What can go wrong? Well, many things can! 

A blood spill can be potentially hazardous due to bloodborne pathogens such as HIV and Hepatitis type B and type C. Being exposed to these, or worst, having direct physical contact with these without the proper protective equipment, can lead to you getting infected and compromising your health. 

Bacteria and other contaminants might also be present during a blood spill, especially if a few hours have passed since it happened. At USA Bio Care, we use science-based procedures to eliminate any contamination and sanitize the area fully until your safety is no longer compromised.


A Different Process For Every Surface

Due to its consistency, cleaning up a blood spill is way more tedious than cleaning any other liquid. Sometimes the area can’t be secured, and basic blood cleanup guidelines won’t work on certain surfaces. Each process will vary according to the scene. 


  • On non-carpeted surfaces: This is the most common setting for blood spills; it is easier to clean up the blood and other fluids because they’re not absorbent; however, a spill on a hard surface can cause this one to spread over larger areas, and it will be necessary to contain it as quickly as possible.For these surfaces, the area must be blocked, then with the proper protective equipment, such as gloves and goggles, the area can be wiped with absorbent paper or towels and then disinfected with bleach. It is important to know that all tools used have to be disposed of or thoroughly cleaned after.


  • On carpeted floors: These surfaces can be the most difficult to clean because of their absorbent properties. Many procedures for cleaning up the spill can be the same but with some additional details.For this, work must be done as quickly as possible before the blood hardens and becomes 10 times more difficult to remove. Also, appropriate products must be used to decontaminate yet preserve and not damage your carpet.Steam cleaning is a good option to sanitize and clean your carpet completely and protect it from bloodborne pathogens. You might also want to consider changing your carpet tiles to avoid any exposure.


  • In pools: A blood spill can be quite a mess; however, the amount of chlorine that the water normally contains can eliminate any bloodborne pathogens. It is still advisable to change the water inside the pool for a new one. This can be done as you normally would when the water is dirty.


  • On furniture: The process for this will totally depend on the type of furniture. It is better to remove the cloth covering for cloth furniture and put it in a warm wash cycle. If the cloth isn’t removable, then just treated as a blood spill on a carpet.Metal and wood furniture isn’t as tedious to clean, but it should be clean with the appropriate chemicals and tools to avoid damaging the surface.


Leave The Cleaning To Professionals

At USA Bio Care, we are committed to providing you with high-quality biohazard cleanup services. Our team of professionals is responsible for decontaminating and disinfecting your property while you deal with all the events and feelings that come after an accident. 

We have been voted as the #1 suicide and trauma biohazard remediation company in Michigan! Our phone lines and chat line are available 24/7. You make the call, and in one hour tops, we’ll be at the scene. Don’t put yourself and the ones around you at risk. Receive a complete blood removal and sanitization in any area with us.


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