What’s Unattended Death?

An unattended death occurs when a person dies without anyone present to notice it. How can that happen? It can happen due to an accident, illness, or other circumstances that leave a person alone after they have passed away. Unattended deaths are often not discovered until days or weeks after the person has died.


While unattended deaths are relatively rare, they can profoundly impact those who discover the body. In addition to dealing with grief and loss, individuals who find an unattended death must also deal with the practical issues of having a deceased body in their home or office.

What Are The Stages A Body Go Through When Decomposing?

The stages of decomposition are typically described as fresh, bloat, active decay, and advanced decay.


  • Fresh: This stage typically lasts for about 3-4 days after death and is characterized by supple and elastic skin.


  • Bloat: During this stage, gasses from the body accumulate in the abdomen as bacteria break down tissue. The abdomen will start to swell noticeably, with fingerprints becoming less visible.


  • Active decay: This stage usually begins about a week after death and is characterized by visible putrefaction as the body liquefies. The smell of decomposition will also become very strong at this stage.


  • Advanced decay: This is the final stage of decomposition and can last for several weeks. The body will be almost entirely skeletonized, and there will be little to no odor left.


If you discover an unattended death, it is important to contact a professional cleaning service right away for the body removal. These professionals have the training and equipment needed to take care of the unattended death cleanup and sanitize the place, ensuring that any harmful bacteria or odors are removed. That will help prevent further health risks for anyone who comes into contact with the remains.


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