Suicide & Homicide Professional Clean Up In Warren, MI

Suicide & Homicide Clean up

Even though crime and suicide rates have decreased in Warren, Michigan, these situations are very difficult to prevent. Perhaps you have lost someone close to you due to any of these or witnessed the aftermath yourself. 

As unfortunate as these situations are, what’s worse is that many families must also deal with the traumatic experience of cleaning up the scene where their loved one took his/her life. 

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through it alone. USA Bio Care offers biohazard cleanup services and treats every situation with professionalism and attention to detail. We thoroughly decontaminate the scene and restore the area back to how it was before. We don’t leave a single trace behind about what happened, so you don’t have to be reliving it over and over again. 



How We Treat Each Scene

At USA Bio Care, we know how difficult it is to go through these situations, which is why we treat every scene with great respect and professionalism. If you require our services, here is what our suicide and homicide cleanup scenes include:


24/7 Availability

We believe that in delicate situations, help should be available at any time and right away. Our phone lines are always active, and our customer service agents are 100% trained to take your call and help you through the process. We are committed to arriving at the location in one hour or less, and as soon as authorities give us the green light, we begin to work.


Secured Area

The first step to begin our cleanup process is to secure the area to be cleaned. We will prevent anyone or anything from going into the crime scene and spreading any bacteria or contaminants left behind. Also, this gives the victim and its family the privacy they deserve during this delicate matter.


Cadaver removal

Manipulating the body yourself is unsafe, especially if these have been there for hours while bacteria starts to grow and expand. We know it’s hard to not want to approach the body of your loved one; however, letting us take care of the removal is the safest choice. Once the cadaver is removed from the scene, we will follow your or the authority’s instructions.

If you’re not interested in performing any farewell rituals, we also have cadaver disposal services available. The body will be safely disposed of, following Michigan’s legal and security guidelines for cadaver disposal.


Science-based Protocols

Bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and any other contaminants left on the scene must be cleaned and disinfected. We’ve followed the latest science-based protocols to safely remove bacteria and “evidence chemicals” left behind by the investigators. We follow OSHA strict guidelines to clean, sanitize, restore and dispose of any contaminants.


Let’s Go Through This Together

If you’ve been involved in the unfortunate event of a suicide or homicide, we know it can be hard to find someone who understands. Our crime scene cleaners are here for you, we all are. 

USA Bio Care is not only registered with the Michigan Department of Public Health and HAZWOPER certified, but we also have trained and compassionate staff that will deal with all the cleaning and decontamination. Plus, we work with your home insurance company, so you don’t have any concerns when paying for our affordable services. If you are in Warren, Michigan, rest assured our crime scene cleaners are the safest choice. 



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