Suicide Clean Up: How To Handle It Efficiently

Suicide Clean Up: How To Handle It Efficiently

There’s no easy way to deal with a suicide scenario. The emotional challenge we face when going through that type of event can be overwhelming and upsetting. The dead body clean-up of a loved one is probably one of the most difficult things to deal with. Although, this responsibility needs to be taken care of as soon as possible.


In this blog post, we’ll share some guidelines of how to clean a suicide scene properly.

Guidelines To Adhere When Cleaning Up A Suicide Scene 

Wear Protective Garments

Professional crime scene cleaners recommend wearing protective garnets such as a disposable apron, gloves, and a face mask or goggles/respirator at all times. You need to take effective measures to minimize contact with biohazardous particles and fluids.

Use Biohazard Disposal Bags

After washing the environment thoroughly, you must dispose of all the residual organic materials; it’s mandatory to use biohazard bags for this purpose. Ensure the bag is properly sealed and disposed of by a certified Biohazard waste collector.

Use Appropriate Sanitizers

Not all sanitizers fulfill the requirements to appropriately clean up a scenario that involves blood and other body fluids. Please be sure you are using a 1:10 sanitizing product. Don’t mix with other chemicals or use it in poorly ventilated areas. Also, follow manufacturer instructions always.

Decontaminate Reusable Equipment

Once we’re over with the cleaning and sanitation process, it’s time to sanitize the tools and equipment used. Thoroughly rinse off biohazardous waste and residue that can harbor bacteria in the sanitation process. Brooms, buckets, and other implements should be sanitized using the same sanitizing solution and left to air dry afterward.

Have A Contingency Plan In Case Of Contamination

In case of superficial contact, rinse any exposed areas thoroughly. If a wound, eyes, or mouth has been compromised with biohazardous material, rinse thoroughly and seek medical attention immediately.

With these easy to follow guidelines, we expect to bring some light on this delicate process. However, considering the circumstances we cover in this blog post, it’s best to count on professional assistance.

Making Time And Space To Grief – Contact Professional Help!

We believe nobody should be dealing with the dead body clean-up of a relative or loved one. If you or a loved one is going through this challenging task, it’s best to request professional biohazard clean-up services. USA Bio Care will take care of the situation respectfully and discreetly.


At USA Bio Care, we’re a certified team of crime scene cleaners & dead body clean up. We’ll make sure every detail regarding the clean-up and sanitization of the area is no inconvenience or distraction during your grief.