Should I Clean A Suicide Scene? – Here’s What You Should Know

Suicide is a difficult and heart-wrenching experience for families, friends, and anyone who experiences it. After the initial shock of finding out someone has committed suicide, the next question is usually what to do. Not only must you come to grips with your loved one’s death, but you may also be faced with the task of cleaning up the scene. 

Cleaning up on your own can be a difficult and even health-threatening task, which is why there are companies that specialize in suicide cleanups and handle it all with professionalism and discretion. 

In this blog, you’ll learn what to do when facing this situation.


Keep The Evidence For The Authorities

We know that it’s difficult to think straight during any death situation, especially if the individual involved is a loved one. You might feel the urge to make contact with the body or move things around the scene. Avoid this. 

Remember that a suicide scene is treated as a crime scene, leading authorities to perform the appropriate investigations and handle the scene independently. If you try to clean up the body or any fluids from the scene, you might be eliminating very important evidence for the authorities to report and might even get in trouble for altering the scene. 

Professional suicide cleanup companies usually wait for the authorities to make the protocol investigations and gather everything they need from the scene to begin their cleanup job. Many of the most prestigious biohazard companies have an agreement with the authorities to be contacted as soon as they finish their investigation.


Exposure To Health Hazards

In any death scene, you might find all kinds of bodily fluids and contaminants. When left untreated, they can pose serious health risks if not cleaned properly under safe conditions. 

It’s critical to follow strict safety protocols when dealing with suicide cleanups due to bloodborne pathogens at a scene where someone has committed suicide. It is also important to be aware that the victim’s blood may contain harmful bacteria or viruses that can easily be transmitted to whoever comes in contact with the blood. 

Suicide cleaning services in MI provide their cleanup specialists with the appropriate equipment to avoid spreading any bacteria or virus among themselves and others. Also, cleaning specialists are trained to handle the scene appropriately without provoking unnecessary spills or more damages that will threaten everyone around.


Follow Legal Protocols

Death is a very serious matter, especially to the authorities, because of all the legal protocols and laws that must be followed to handle and dispose of a body. If you don’t have the necessary permissions and expertise to do this, it’s better to contact a professional that does.

A reliable suicide cleaning service in MI needs to follow OSHA Prescribed Strict Guidelines for Cleaning, Sanitizing, Restoring, Safe And Discreet Disposing Of The Contaminants, and work hand-to-hand with the authorities to perform every part of the process according to legal standards.


We Safely Restore The Area

You want to make sure you’re doing the right thing for your home and family. It can be difficult, but we are here to help! Our team of professional biohazard cleaners will take care of any suicide scene cleaning that may require professional knowledge and certified abilities.

We know how important it is to keep things private, so we work with discretion and compassion. We are OSHA, EPA and HAZMAT certified, so you can ensure that your environment and everyone around will be safe.

Do you need suicide cleaning services in MI? Our crime scene cleaners work through your insurance to provide you with the best solution during this difficult time.