Unattended Death

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No one should ever have to go through the overwhelming process of an unattended death on their own. In the unfortunate event that they are confronted with this situation, we want you to know that USA Bio Care is here for you.

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Here is What You Can Expect From Us

After the police completes their investigation of the scene, they give a go-ahead to the restoration process.

Often the area around the decomposed body is full of biohazard contaminants such as blood, or bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, tissue, and harmful residues, etc. which require science-based solutions to properly remediate the scene. Our highly trained and certified employees have specialized equipment and the experience to quickly clean up and restore the property.

We Go Above And Beyond to Serve You

Apart from our certified team, we are proud of our business ethics – phone lines are monitored 24/7, we show up within an hour of the call, and finish up within the given time frame.

As a company with a soul, we want our customers to focus on their healing rather than getting worried about the actual cleanup and expenses. That’s why we keep our prices competitive. In most cases, a traditional home insurance policy will provide coverage for our services, which means our clients don’t pay anything upfront.

Our Professional Cleanup Process

Moving on to the cleaning process, there are two important aspects – clearing, disinfecting the crime-associated remains, and secondly, cleaning the evidence-gathering chemicals and fingerprinting powder used by the police during the processing of the crime scene. Our certified staff strictly adheres to the set guidelines by the state and federal law to get rid of both types of contaminants.

Then the collected waste is safely and discreetly disposed of in a designated facility. Upon disposal, the area is disinfected and goes through deep cleaning.

Also, our staff is highly aware of the nature of this work and pursues it with deep empathy, and in the most humanized way while maintaining our client’s privacy.

After clearing the biohazard matter, we also help with restoring the area to its original setting. While doing so, we do it with utmost care and respect to the possessions, with prayers that help our client begin the healing process.

We Are Here For You

If you ever need Crime Scene Cleanup Services in the metro Detroit area and throughout the entire state of Michigan, call USA Bio Care anytime any day.





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