Emergency Vehicle Decontamination

Emergency Vehicle Decontamination

Emergency vehicles may inadvertently host harmful viruses, bacteria, and bloodborne pathogens from transporting patients. Even though Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) make every effort to clean the interior, it’s out of their scope to get every corner decontaminated. Over time there may be a buildup of germs, that can not only be harmful to the patient but also to the EMTs as well. ¬†Here at USA Bio Care, we offer Emergency Vehicle Decontamination Services, so that no one’s at risk of contracting a serious illness.

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All emergency vehicles should be ready to go on duty 24×7. That’s exactly why our phone lines are open 24×7. Our team is local and will promptly show up on time.

While working on emergency vehicle decontamination, we understand the urgency of deep cleaning within a certain duration. Our highly trained and certified team uses industry-standard equipment for a faster turnover and less downtime. We rigorously adhere to OSHA guidelines and remove the most microscopic bio-hazardous material while sanitizing every nook and corner of the vehicle to keep the crew and the patient safe. All biohazardous materials are disposed of based on protocols set by the state.

For our clients’ convenience we work with cities and private companies and conduct routine as well as urgent cleanups in order to prevent the spread of diseases.

With our thorough cleaning process and excellent client-service, we will be your go-to Emergency Vehicle Decontamination Service.


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