Medical Waste Disposal Services in Michigan

person holding a bag with hazardous medical waste'

Every year, millions of tons of medical waste are generated. It demands regulated medical waste disposal to ensure safety inside healthcare facilities. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, dentists, veterinarians, research facilities, and doctors’ offices can benefit from medical waste disposal services in Michigan. But you must make sure you look for a regulated and certified waste disposal company. 

Here at USA Bio Care, we are a professional and reliable company with three different certifications, including OSHA, EPA, and HAZMAT. We can take care of all the hazardous waste from your healthcare facility by following the strict regulatory guidelines. Contact us to schedule our visit now. 


What Medical Waste Includes

Medical waste can be defined as those wastes that have the potential for causing infection and have regulations for their collection, transportation, treatment, and disposal. Medical and biohazard waste can include sharps, blood, bandages, gloves, pathological waste, and more. 

Why Hiring a Certified Company 

Regulated waste needs to be disposed of with strict procedures and extreme precautions. If you own a healthcare facility like the ones mentioned above, you must follow strict disposal procedures. Lucky for you, we have extensive years of experience helping healthcare facilities do that. 

Protect Your Staff

When you hire a certified and regulated medical waste disposal company like us, you’re guaranteeing the safety of your entire staff. We use special equipment and procedures to kill the bacteria and viruses that live in used medical equipment. 

We help your staff create a new, safer environment to minimize the risk of possible infections from sharps, harsh chemicals, and other infectious waste. Your employees will learn the correct universal guidelines for disposing of medical waste with precaution with our training. 

We Keep You Safe and Regulated 

Ensuring you’re following the necessary regulations and precautions for medical waste disposal is our number one priority. We take care of protecting your staff with our certified waste disposal services. When they feel protected, they can focus on providing their professional services to your healthcare facility. 

Get regulated medical waste disposal services in Michigan with the most reliable company in the area. At USA Bio Care, we have the ideal service for you. Contact us to acquire our services now. 



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