Medical Sharps Removal Service for Medical Facilities In Detroit

Medical facilities need medical supplies to operate. With them, the medical staff provides the required assistance to its patients. The use of sharp elements forms part of these supplies, and after they’ve served their purpose, they have to be disposed of taking all necessary precautions; if not, they become biohazardous contaminants and could mean a health threat to anyone exposed.

At USA Bio Care, we provide medical sharps removal services in Detroit. We’re an industry leader in managing comprehensive medical waste removal programs for health care facilities and commercial businesses.


The Importance Of An Appropriate Medical Sharp Disposal

Improper disposal of discarded needles and other sharp elements poses a health risk to the medical staff, patients, and even waste workers. Therefore, their appropriate handling and placement are essential for several reasons:

They carry infectious diseases

Many types of sharps, mainly needles, are used on patients under medical conditions such as allergies, cancer, diabetes, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, blood clotting disorders, and others. Some of these are transmitted diseases and can infect anyone who incorrectly handles this material, putting their lives at risk.

Prevent their reuse

When these wastes are disposed of correctly, we’re preventing their reuse. Sharps in contact with blood or bodily fluids must be thrown away safely after their first and only use. Also, if these sharp wastes are thrown deliberately into the environment, people could use them and become infected.

Clean environment 

The disposal of sharps and other medical wastes must be done responsibly. Not only because it’s a health threat, as previously mentioned, but also because it ensures a safe and clean environment in our area. 

Why Choose USA Bio Care?

At USA Bio Care, we’re locally owned and operated in Detroit, Michigan. We’re specialized personnel providing services for restoration crime scene areas, to biohazardous medical waste removals. We follow OSHA, EPA, and HAZMAT guidelines to ensure the safety of everyone involved in our working environment. We’re experienced with Federal State, County, and Local Law enforcement.

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