How Should You Dispose Of Needles And Sharps?

The proper disposal of used needles and sharps is vital for the safety of not only the doctor or nurse handling them but everyone who could come into contact with them. Needles and sharps become hazardous objects after being used since they can contain blood, bodily fluids, or liquid medicines. Therefore, if they puncture or hurt anyone who uses them, this person’s health could be at risk. 

To avoid this from happening, medical centers should follow strict protocols. There are many options to safely handle these life-risking objects without putting doctors, nurses, patients, and employees in danger. Let’s go through a couple of them, and discover the best choice.

Safe And Effective Methods For Sharps Disposal 

The more actions a medical center takes when handling sharps and needles, the fewer risks the staff will encounter. Taking one or more of the following precautions can significantly reduce those possible risks.

Avoid Bending Used Needles

Used needles should never be bent or broken after they’re used, or recapped. After their use, they can be snapped off with a needle clipper. The needles or sharp part of the syringe remain inside the clipper. 

Use A Sharps Bin

When it comes to disposing of the needles and sharps, doctors can use a sharps bin. Needles, syringes, and lancets can be disposed of in this particular bin to avoid contamination.

Mail-Back Programs

Most states have sharps collection programs, where facilities can mail sharps disposal containers to a collection site. Others even offer pickup services to facilitate the medical center’s operations.

Special Sharp Disposal Services

Hiring special sharps disposal services is the safest way to manage sharps. Businesses who offer this service are certified and trained to remove and dispose of sharps and needles properly. The service providers follow strict guidelines, usually ruled by OSHA. 

USA Bio Care Sharp Disposal Services 

At USA Bio Care, we offer comprehensive medical waste removal programs, including sharps disposal services all around the state of Michigan. We offer our services for small to midsize generators, following a protocol for each one of them. We also provide sharps waste pickup services for facilities that generate large volumes of medical wastes that aren’t suitable for mail back.