Emergency Decontamination Services For Hospital Vehicles

Hospital vehicles such as ambulances are vital to assist in emergencies and are in constant use. Since injured patients are transported to the hospital more than once during the day, these vehicles need to be cleaned often.

Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) are in charge of cleaning the interior of these vehicles, but how effectively are they able to remove buildup germs and other harmful pathogens naked to the human eye?

At USA Bio Care, we offer emergency vehicle decontamination services for hospitals and other medical units. We make sure to completely and in-depth disinfect and decontaminate all hospital vehicles, strictly following OSHA Guidelines.


Why Is A Thorough Vehicle Cleanup Important?

Since emergency vehicles transport all kinds of patients, bacteria, viruses, and other life-threatening biohazards can stick to all vehicle surfaces, leading to an eventual health risk for everyone in contact with the vehicle, as some of these threats build up over time.

Sometimes, no matter how much a surface is scrubbed, if not done by a professional staff using the proper cleaning equipment, some of those harmful microorganisms can still remain in the vehicle. Ambulances need in-depth professional cleanup from time to time to avoid risking patients and the EMTs.

At USA Bio Care, we stick to strict guidelines and have the necessary equipment to ensure our safety and that of the emergency staff. We’ll tackle every emergency vehicle decontamination using industry-standard equipment and remove even the most microscopic biohazardous material.

More Than A Successful Cleanup 

We know how important it is to work efficiently. We understand that emergency hospital vehicles must be available at all times since emergencies don’t have a schedule. For this reason, at USA Bio Care, we have a 24/7 phone call assistant.

While we perform our cleaning services, we make sure to clean within a specific timeframe to have the emergency vehicles ready for when needed. Our cleaning protocol allows us to provide a faster turnover with less downtime.

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