Biohazard Waste Service In Michigan

person holding a bag with hazardous medical waste'

Biohazard waste is known as any waste contaminated with blood or any other infectious material that might cause a risk of spreading disease in humans, animals, or the environment. Federal laws and regulations can be tricky when it comes to biohazard waste management. That’s why you always need to hire our professional biohazard waste management services in Michigan. 

At USA Bio Care, we have the most reliable procedure to properly eliminate all the biohazard waste from your medical facility. We also have extensive years of experience and certifications that separates us from the other biohazard waste management companies. Contact us today to know more about our service, and keep reading to learn about biohazard waste.


What Does Biohazard Waste Includes

Biohazard waste can include semen and multiple fluids like vaginal secretions and saliva. They come in different shapes and forms, such as microbiological waste, animal waste, and human pathological waste.

Biohazard waste can also be found in trash from sharps like needles, broken glass, scalpels. This type of waste can also be located in equipment like gloves or towels that have contacted the sharps just mentioned.

Who Needs Biohazard Waste Services?

We can easily find biohazard waste at the following locations:

  • Healthcare Providers (hospitals, dentist offices, clinics)
  • Laboratories (animal and human)
  • Mortuary
  • Blood banks
  • Prisons
  • Veterinarian clinics 

Our Biohazard Process

Our professional process is regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). We follow the lifecycle of biohazard management:

  1. Generation
  2. Accumulation
  3. Handling
  4. Storing
  5. Treating
  6. Transporting
  7. Disposal 

We Keep You Safe

When looking for biohazard waste management services in Michigan, the main reason is to keep your employees and your patients safe. Ensuring the safety of your patients and employees is vital for a healthcare facility to run efficiently. The best way to do that is by hiring a reliable and certified biohazard waste management disposal company like us.

At USA Bio Care, we can always guarantee your company will follow the proper updated biohazard disposal procedures. Reach us now to start your personalized service today.



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