Trained And Certified Crime Scene Cleaners

Blood Clean up

Being in charge of a crime scene cleanup takes a lot of courage to undertake while maintaining a professional attitude at all moments. Specialized teams that provide such services have to be strictly trained and certified to carry out their jobs during cleaning, sanitizing, and disposal procedures.

Our team of professionals at USA Bio Care are OSHA, EPA, and HAZWOPER trained and certified. We remain committed to fulfilling our cleanup process successfully and respectfully when on duty.


When To Contact Crime Scene Cleanup Services 

Some protocols have to be followed before the cleanup procedure starts. A crime scene is unlike anything you can experience. This one has to be previously investigated by agents of the law, such as detectives, police officers, and other specialists.

A regulated approach is necessary to handle a homicide scene cleanup properly. Blood, bloodborne pathogens, bodily fluids, and other biohazard contaminants are usually found in such cases; therefore, strict cleaning guidelines must be followed to ensure these don’t remain on the scene and put others at health risks. 

Why Let Professionals Cleaners Get Involved

A house or similar private property that served as a crime scene witness becomes disturbing for the owner. It’s hard enough to acknowledge the loss of a loved one, let alone the idea of dealing with a cleanup process.

Not only is the person emotionally unstable, but he or she also doesn’t possess the necessary equipment and cleaning supplies needed to get rid of the biohazard contaminants. Apart from having the required tools at USA Bio Care, we avoid getting personally involved in the case and remain professional at all times.

USA Bio Care’s Certified Staff

Our team of expert cleaners at USA Bio Care, have been honorably trained and certified to deal with every scene despite how overwhelming the job can get.

We have been close enough to hundreds of crime scene cases and have been able to tackle them all. It’s highly essential for our staff to be trained before dealing with such a traumatic approach; therefore, we can assure you that our team is ready to adequately handle any situation.  

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