Homicide Cleanup Service For Police In Detroit

Behind a crime scene, blood, bloodborne pathogens, and bodily fluids are left. After the police and detectives have done their job, a professional cleanup service needs to be provided to disinfect and clean the area appropriately.

At USA Bio Care, we offer homicide cleanup services in Detroit and its surrounding areas. We work hand in hand with law forces who are in charge of the homicide scene and require from remediating the biohazard contaminants to restoring the property.


The Benefits Of Professional Homicide Cleanup Services 

Cleaning up an area witness to a homicide takes significantly more effort than a standard cleanup service.

At USA Bio Care, we do more than just clean. Our group of qualified agents provides thorough cleaning sanitation, disinfecting all the affected areas. If blood or bodily fluids cleanup is managed in a typical manner, its traces may seem to be gone. Still, all blood components are stuck hard on every surface.

An extensive blood cleanup requires special treatment for several reasons:

Prevent unnecessary exposure

It’s essential to avoid exposing others to what could be biohazardous contaminants in the crime scene. This could be of high risk to someone’s health. If the cleanup company in charge of the service doesn’t have the professional guidelines, equipment, and supplies needed for the appropriate cleanup, a law violation would be occurring.

Remediation of the scene

Our cleaning agents have all that’s needed to restore the area involved in the crime scene. We’ll be able to get rid of all the blood pathogens and everything else that doesn’t belong to the original scene using science-based protocols.

Specialized team qualities

To handle a crime scene, the cleanup team involved must meet certain qualities to provide a professional service. While on duty, we deliver:

  • Compassion: we provide to the family members of the deceased support and reassurance.
  • Integrity: being honest while performing the job is a must.
  • Commitment: getting the job done professionally at any needed moment 24/7.
  • Attention to detail: we provide a thorough cleanup, eliminating all contaminants and avoiding putting others at risk.

Qualified Homicide Cleanup With USA Bio Care

Contact us now to get the best homicide cleanup services in Detroit. We deliver quality and professionalism at all costs. At USA Bio Care, we’re ready to tackle the job while taking all OSHA guidelines.


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