Crime Scene Restoration Company In Michigan

Suicide & Homicide Clean up

People who are rarely familiar with crime scenes and everything involved, disregard how delicate it’s to deal with them. All kinds of biohazard chemicals can be part of such a scenario, like blood, bodily fluids, vomit, and countless more. If they’re not appropriately cleaned up through strict protocols, these biological contaminants could put at risk the health of anyone near them.

At USA Bio Care, we follow particular protocols to ensure the correct sanitization and disposal of such health threads related to a crime scene. We offer a rapid response time for either direct clients dealing with a homicide at their private property or law enforcement personnel.


A Correct Cleanup Protocol Vs. Regular Cleaning

A regular home cleanup along with home cleaning supplies like soap, detergent, vinegar, and/or water, will never be enough to restore a crime scene to its original appearance. There have been criminal cases where the murderer applies bleach to eliminate traces of blood and other incriminating evidence. Noticeably, they might succeed, but once special chemicals are used to determine if blood is found, it will undoubtedly emerge.

At USA Bio Care, our staff has the knowledge and necessary follow-ups to restore a homicide scene to its original state. We specialize in crime scene cleanup and have all sustainable means to ensure thorough and meticulous cleaning, sanitizing, and disposal procedures. 

Our Clients’ Right Hand

We perform our job after police officers and detectives have gathered all potential evidence related to the case. Once their job is done, we step in applying OSHA prescribed strict guidelines, successfully eliminating all biohazard contaminants. More than performing our in-depth cleanup procedures, we show respect at all times while on duty.

A person who lost a family member to murder is not capable, in general terms, to undertake a cleanup on his or her own. This person is likely to be emotionally affected and because they don’t have the cleanup equipment necessary to eliminate all possible contaminants.

Fast Action Takers

We provide our crime scene cleanup services to all around Michigan state. We assist our clients in such hard times and also do it at any given moment. Our phone lines operate from Monday to Sunday 24/7, and our staff arrives at the crime scene within the hour of the call.

Regarding our payment method, we work directly with our customers’ home insurance, making it less complicated for them to deal with such a hard situation.


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