Crime Scene Clean Up In Michigan

No one is prepared to handle a crime scene. For your clean up needs, you can count on USA Bio Care’s professional cleanup services. We provide a 24/7 crime scene clean up in Michigan. We look after our clients and respect their privacy.


The Importance of Hiring Our Cleanup Service

Once the authorities have investigated the situation, taken pictures, and gathered all possible evidence, it’s time for the crime scene cleanup. If you do this on your own, you might be able to remove all obvious traces of blood, and any other biohazard element involved in the scene. But you won’t be fully able to disinfect the area. Our team of professionals:

  • Deal with the possible spread of bacteria and viruses, some of which may be life-threatening
  • Remove MRSA, hepatitis, C. diff, and more
  • Get the job done until the entire scene is safe
  • Maintain attention to detail, making sure we safely remove even microscopic organic material
  • Check and verify our work through the use of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) tests

How We Operate

We know how difficult decision-making can be in this kind of situation. At USA Bio Care, we designed a four-easy step process to make the work less stressful for our clients.

Step 1

Call us — we will always answer the phone. We have phone service 24/7 and also provide online assistance. You can click on our web form, and we will see it right away.

Step 2

We assess your case for the right measures. We will tell you our plan of action.

Step 3

We arrive at the scene within the hour of the call, and our USA Bio Care technicians will get in and get the job done. We follow OSHA prescribed strict guidelines during cleaning, sanitizing, restoring, safe, and discreet disposing of the contaminants.

Step 4

Payment will be addressed with insurance after the job is complete. If you happen not to be insured, we offer affordable prices for clean up.


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