Blood Spill Cleanup Services in Michigan

The work of an investigator, police, and other authorities involved in murder scenes is a lot to undertake. Crime investigations are meticulous, overwhelming, and crucial jobs. A professional cleanup must be done after a crime scene is thoroughly examined and all evidence has been gathered.

At USA Bio Care, we offer blood spill cleanup services in order to decontaminate and disinfect affected crime scenes. We have the right equipment and cleaning methods, following OSHA Prescribed Strict Guidelines.


Why Crime Scenes Must Be Cleaned By Professionals

A crime scene that involves blood spills and other bodily fluids need to be tackled with careful attention. If any individual handles the crime scene and cleans it without following the proper protocols, and without using the proper cleaning supplies, the cleanup wouldn’t be adequate and present risks.

A lot goes into cleaning blood spills since they bind to fabric and seep into porous surfaces, such as carpets and upholstery. Blood itself is hard to remove. Applying soap, detergent, or even specialized house cleaning solutions, will remove the bloodstains visible to the human eye, but the blood won’t be dissolved completely.

At USA Bio Care, we pay close attention to detail, successfully removing even microscopic organic material. Our certified staff knows the proper procedures required to clean a crime scene and can communicate them clearly.

How Blood Can Be A Health Risk

The blood in a crime scene could belong to someone who carried an infectious disease, such as MRSA, hepatitis, C. diff, HIV, or another virus. Therefore, letting professionals handle the affected area is absolutely essential, as they can clean blood spills completely. Our team members at USA Bio Care are certified and trained with Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response Standard. No one should be exposed to a health risk environment except for professionals.

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